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The most important challenge in bioprinting of soft materials (materials with elastic modulus less than 100 kPa) is the deformation of the material during printing. Collagen, for example, is one of the most important components of the extracellular matrix, which is the reason for its wide usage in bioprinting. However, its printing has limitations. OmidAfarinan Company has overcome these limitations by presenting its innovative product called the Support©. This bioink allows 3D bioprinting of low viscosity biomaterials such as collagen, fibrin, alginate, gelatin methacrylate, and hyaluronic acid in complex geometries without the need for modification to increase the mechanical properties of the main bioink. Also, in order to support certain types of cells and specific biological inks, this product can be prepared in a wide range of buffers and cell culture media.


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Title Explanation
Storage condition6 months
Expiration dateRoom temperature
ApplicationBiocompatible material for 3D bioprinting, material science and tissue engineering.

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