Filament Extruder: TinyExtruder

TinyExtruder TE02 is one of the smallest filament extruders in the world, providing the extrusion of expensive materials with minimum waste. TE02 is a desktop pellet and powder extruder optimized for creating filaments from medical and pharmaceutical biomaterials. Despite other extruders, the dead zone of TinyExtruder is very small (about 12 ml).

This device gives the opportunity and flexibility to create filament of your own specifications. TinyExtruder combines a high torque motor and an engineered screw, offering extrusion of polymers and composites in pellet or powdered form. Its stainless steel barrel screw and coupling have excellent performance for pharma and abrasive material. You can also mix and make your composite filament, using different materials like polymers and ceramics.

TinyExtruder is an extremely reliable, simple, easy-to-use, and plug-and-play extruder with an intuitive user-friendly interface. The digital screen provides a number of enhanced features including precise temperature control, controlling fan speed, and status of the extruder. In addition, exclusive switches for reverse movement and emergency stops have been designed for more safety.

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تصویر: Filament Extruder: TinyExtruder

Specification of this product:

Title Explanation
Maximum Temperature250 °C
Barrel and ScrewStainless Steel
Output Filament Diameter, mm1-3 (Optional)
Dimensions, mm55×27×25
Weight, kg8

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