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Omid Afarinan, as the first national company in Iran, has gathered experts from different fields of science with the aim of producing novel bioinks. Omid Afarinan bioinks are cost-effective, have high printability, mimic extracellular matrix (ECM) and provide a suitable environment for cell proliferation, growth, and differentiation. Some of the new unique bioinks of the 3D-Bio Team are PCL, PCL/Starch, Alginate and Alginate/Gelatin bioinks. In addition to a variety of bioinks from thermoplastic materials to hydrogels, the company also produces custom-made bioinks for specific applications.

تصویر: ۳DBio Osteo-ink

۳DBio Osteo-ink

Osteo-Ink® is a composite bioink with the same mineral found in teeth and bones. Great mechanical properties and tunable biodegradability make it a good candidate for 3d-bioprinting of hard tissues. The presence of mineral component also provides enhanced bioactivity and osteoconductivity in bioprinted scaffolds.

تصویر: ۳DBio PCL


Polycaprolactone is a useful polymer in bioprinting of hard tissues, especially bone and dental tissue engineering. OmidAfarinan offers its high-quality PCL bioink.

تصویر: ۳DBio PCL/Startch

۳DBio PCL/Startch

Specific PCL/Starch3 bioink has been able to increase hydrophilicity and decrease degradation time of PCL. In addition to biocompatibility and bioprintability features, this bioink is cost-effective.

تصویر: ۳DBio Alginate

۳DBio Alginate

OmidAfarinan specific alginate-based bioinks provide a biocompatible environment, offering the ability to balance printability with cell viability. The test results with different cell types show that in addition to high printability and stability, it has a significant effect on cell viability.

تصویر: ۳DBio Soft-Ink

۳DBio Soft-Ink

Combination of alginate and gelatin has widely used in tissue engineering scaffolds, wound dressings and as a carrier for drug delivery. Soft-Ink® is a biodegradable bioink based on pure Alginate and Gelatin which can support growth and proliferation of any cell type of soft tissues. One of the main features of this bioink is high printability and uniformity with the ability to adjust the stiffness of its printed matrix.

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