Omid Afarinan, as the first national company in Iran, has gathered experts from different fields of science with the aim of producing novel bioinks. Omid Afarinan bioinks are cost-effective, have high printability, mimic extracellular matrix (ECM) and provide a suitable environment for cell proliferation, growth, and differentiation. Some of the new unique bioinks of the 3D-Bio Team are PCL, PCL/Starch, Alginate and Alginate/Gelatin bioinks. In addition to a variety of bioinks from thermoplastic materials to hydrogels, the company also produces custom-made bioinks for specific applications.

تصویر: Coaxial® Kit

Coaxial® Kit

Nowadays, technologies such as 3D bioprinting boost the fabrication of various tissue and organ models. One of the challenging models is tubular structures preset in various body parts. Omid Afarinan company has recently provided an innovative kit named Coaxial Kit ® for Printing of hollow and core/shell structures.
تصویر: Cranio® Bone Implant

Cranio® Bone Implant

3D printing can be used for many industrial and biomedical purposes. Omid Afarinan company has recently produced an innovative product named Cranio® for treatment of diseases such as craniosynostosis, hemifacial microsomia (HFM), and hypertelorism in which a person is inflicted to the deformed bone in different areas of the skull, mandible as well as facial skeletons. This product is made from PMMA (a common bone cement) that is completely biocompatible.
تصویر: Microfluidic® Kit

Microfluidic® Kit

Microfluidic platforms are considered as an emerging technology with a wide range of application in medical and biological evaluations. These high throughput systems provide higher speed and lower expenses as well as higher precision in comparison to common platforms. To date, several methods have been introduced for fabrication of microfluidic chips. Omid Afarinan Co. utilizes 3D Bioprinting technology as a novel method for preparation of customized microfluidic chips. This company provides a new product named "Micro-Fluidic Kit" which contains all you need to make your desired chips using your bioprinter.
تصویر: Osteo-ink


  • A polymer matrix composite consisting of bone minerals
  • Ability to integrate with bone tissue and guide bone formation
  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent mechanical properties
تصویر: PCL-ink


  • A thermoplastic polyester with excellent printability
  • Suitable mechanical properties for bone tissue engineering
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
تصویر: Alginate bioink

Alginate bioink

  • A bioink based on natural alginate polymer
  • Compatible with various cell types
  • High printability and good mechanical properties
  • Capability to load and print a variety of cells
تصویر: Apatite ink

Apatite ink

  • Composite bioink based on polycaprolactone and hydroxyapatite
  • Simulate the natural extracellular matrix of bone tissue
  • Excellent Osteoconductive properties
  • Support the attachment and growth of bone cells
تصویر: AllGbone bioink

AllGbone bioink

  • Prepared from the extracellular matrix of human bone tissue
  • Contains bone specific proteins and growth factors
  • Excellent osteoinductive properties
  • High ability to integrate with bone tissue
تصویر: Mineral Ink

Mineral Ink

  • A bioink composed entirely of calcium phosphate compounds
  • Excellent osteoconduction and osteoinduction properties
  • Capability to integrate with bone tissues
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
تصویر: Support ink

Support ink

  • Can be used as a support for low viscosity bioinks
  • Physical removal from the print environment
  • Compatible with a variety of cells and support cell viability
تصویر: GelMA bioink

GelMA bioink

  • A bioink based on gelatin methacrylate
  • Optical cross-link capability at 365 nm
  • Adjustable mechanical properties
  • Supports cell viability and growth
  • Suitable for printing all types of soft tissue, cartilage tissue, etc.
تصویر: Softink


  • Based on gelatin and natural polymers
  • Capability to mix with biological molecules and growth factors
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Compatible with a variety of soft tissue cells
  • Highly bioactive

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