Omid Afarinan company was founded in 2016 and is the first and only commercial manufacturer of 3D bio-printers in Iran. In the first step, the company, believing that it could build the future of bio-printing technology with a cooperative spirit, began its activities in the 3D-Bio group and shortly after that, it was able to provide The 3D bio-printer machines with unique features. 3D-Bio group changed its name to Omid Afarinan in 2017. Taking into the need of specialists in the field of tissue engineering and based on the experience of company’s members, who are the country’s top elites, in addition to offering a variety of high-tech 3D bio-printers, the company has been offering a variety of bio-inks for different tissues. We believe that the future will be created in the present and belongs to those who walk in this direction, those who continue moving forward to turn their horizons into reality.

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