Product Description:

AllGBone© is a paste made from human bone ECM and composed of natural, biocompatible, and biodegradable polymers. AllGBone© provides high osteoconductivity and osteoinductivity, because it contains bone-specific proteins and growth factors that play important roles in repairing damaged bone tissue, as well as tuning the expression, differentiation and growth of new cells.

This product enables researchers to design and create biomimetic scaffolds by 3D bioprinting for bone tissue engineering research. Due to the allogeneic ECM content of AllGBone©, osteointegration after in vivo implantation will be done much faster and easier. These unique properties make it one of the best choices among osseous bioinks. AllGBone© can be injected or bioprinted with any shape and complexity.


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Specification of this product:

Title Explanation
AppearanceWhite Opaque Gel
Contents10 ml cartridge
Storage condition2-8 degree centigrade
Expiration date6 months
Viscosity (Pa.s)1-2200
ApplicationBiocompatible material for 3D bioprinting, material science, tissue engineering and drug delivery.

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