Product Description:

Collagen, as the most abundant protein in the body, is a key component for cell culture and creating scaffolds with various applications. ColGel© is a unique bioink consisting of collagen type I derived from rat tail and gelatin methacrylate that enables it to be crosslinked in the presence of a photoinitiator such as Irgacure. Particularly ColGel© has been used for creating skin tissues, cartilage, and artificial corneas, due to its biochemical properties.

It is recommended to use a low-temperature printhead and the cooled printbed for printing this bioink.

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تصویر: ColGel©

Specification of this product:

Title Explanation
AppearanceTransparent viscous gel
Contents10 ml cartridge
Storage condition2-8 degree centigrade
Expiration date14 days
Degree of substitution80%
ApplicationBiocompatible material for 3D bioprinting, material science and tissue engineering.

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